Are Program Statuses inherited with Executable Programs?

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Are Program Statuses inherited with Executable Programs?

I'm building out an operational program to capture some key data fields - Most Recent Conversion, First Conversion, First Campaign, etc., to centralize it. 

In regards to our Most Recent Conversion field for our Conferences, it's currently built like this:



I want to know if an Executable Program will pull this information in. Obviously it pulls in:

  • My Tokens
  • Campaign Tokens
  • Program Tokens
  • Member Tokens
  • Trigger Tokens (if called from a Triggered Campaign)

But given that it is not a token, will it still come in? My hunch is no and that I need to figure out a workaround. 

Any help appreciated.



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Re: Are Program Statuses inherited with Executable Programs?

Well, AFAICT, with the setup in the snapshot, Marketo will only look for the Channel Status w/o it being tied to any program. Also, if a person qualifies for more than one choice steps, Marketo would only execute the first choice, so if a person has Conference > Visited Booth status for any program in their activity log, they will qualify for it. Why don’t you update this field at the same place where you’re updating the status of the person instead of creating a separate and (arguably) more complicated way?