API Triggered email testing

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API Triggered email testing

hi all, we have an incentive email that we're automating when our customers' tick that they fit a specific criteria. We want to a/b test this triggered comm, that will be powered by API. Is marketo clever enough to test in this manner, and if so, how is it best to setup a smart campaign? i am a relative newbie to all of this still, so please answer in as simple a way as possible. how will the system know which of my two emails to send please?


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Re: API Triggered email testing

Well, you can add the champion challenger test to the email in Marketo. You'd need to define the winning criteria and distribution size, before you declare the winner, the audience will receive the champion and challenger emails. Once you declare the winner, only the winning email is sent.


You can create the campaign with Campaign is Request Source is Web Service API trigger, and use the request trigger campaign API endpoint to trigger this off campaign for the people (leads) you send in the body of the API call to Marketo.