Re: All A/B tests in one report

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All A/B tests in one report

Hi everyone,

I am trying to analyze my nurturing activity from the past year.

Almost every email blast we sent had an A/B test and I would love to concentrate the results on one report.

Is there a way to that in your experience?

(instead of opening each and every program.... )

Thanks in advance!

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Re: All A/B tests in one report

Hi Natali,

I don't think there is a way to achieve this through Email Program dashboards. If you have RCE you could see all your Email Program's performance in one report/dashboard.

Also, if you are using this Programs for nurturing, maybe it would be better to use Engagement Programs instead of Email Programs.

I don't know the structure and strategic requirements of your Programs, but if you don't have RCE and you are trying to nurture, you could create different Streams within the same Engagement Program and then you could see the whole performance through the Engagement Dashboard, and break it down per Stream through Engagement Stream Performance report.

Hope this helps you!

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Re: All A/B tests in one report

It’s important to point out, though, that a/b testing usng the automated approach contained in Email Programs is not supported in EPs. You cannot use email programs in EPs.

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Re: All A/B tests in one report

Totally agree, this is super frustrating! I have not been good about logging our A/B testing, and now I'm having to slog through it.

Amy Goldfine
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