Re: AEM | MKTO Integrations?

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AEM | MKTO Integrations?

Has there been any improved solutions for AEM / Marketo integration, specifically forms. Looking for the best way to leverage AEM for the front end, but Marketo for the backend and maintain the ability to do progressive profiling. Looking at all options - any recommendations?

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Re: AEM | MKTO Integrations?

The only updates I've seen demoed in more of a beta format was using the  AEM asset library within Marketo in the Design Studio to pick images, logos, etc., for your Marketo assets without having to re-upload directly into Marketo. Beyond that, I've seen and heard nothing. 

That said -- If you're looking to do Progressive Profiling in AEM, that works natively with Marketo form assets embedded on non-Marketo landing pages. Form prefill is the limitation that you can't do prefill natively.

However, Sanford Whiteman‌ does have a great minimal coding needed solution to enable prefill on your non-Marketing hosted pages. I use this solution today and we use AEM as our CMS and all works as expected. Prefill works with this solution, and progressive profiling and "If Known User Show" options in the settings of the form asset also works when embedded on an non-Marketo landing page. 

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Re: AEM | MKTO Integrations?

Marketo recently came out with a new integration for forms utilizing AEM.