Advanced Reporting – Is it Worth It?

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Advanced Reporting – Is it Worth It?

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if it’s worth it to keep our #advanced reporting package in our upcoming renewal. We are grandfathered into a decent pricing for this add on (because of previous leadership), but the current team has never used it.

We’re using Marketo for all digital campaign #attribution, integration with LinkedIn Lead gen forms, Drift as well as Webinar Programs and 2x monthly email sends.

Our original plan was to move all campaign spend tracking into SFDC, but I’m wondering if there are significant pros to using Marketo as the source of truth instead for ROI.

Looking for input from anyone that’s familiar with the tool and has good/bad feedback around it.

If we do renew our contract with the advanced reporting part of the ask to our CSM would be training for the team to get them up to speed on how to best use this tool.