Adobe Practice tests

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Adobe Practice tests

Adobe has made a variety of free practice tests available for those preparing for their certification exams. These tests can help gauge your readiness by simulating the actual exam experience and providing detailed feedback on your performance.


The practice tests are accessible through the Adobe Certification Exam Prep Portal. To use these resources, you need to log in with your Adobe ID. Once logged in, you can access practice tests for various certifications such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign Classic, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Target, and more​.


To get started, visit the Adobe Credential Management System and navigate to the Exam Prep Portal. Here, you can find a range of practice tests developed based on the same blueprints as the real exams, ensuring you get a realistic practice experience​.


By utilizing these practice tests, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, focus your study efforts, and approach your certification exam with greater confidence. For more information and to access the practice tests, visit the Adobe Certification Exam Prep Portal.


How to access the Exam Prep Portal:

Visit > Scheduling Page > Practice Tests > Adobe Certification Prep Portal > click Launch Adobe Exam Prep Portal > click Adobe logo and select the desired test.






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