Adding Another Submit Button to a Form

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Adding Another Submit Button to a Form

I'm trying to integrate customer experience a little bit more in a form.  Would it be possible to have two buttons on a form, one saying "Submit Form" and another saying "Submit a New Lead" if the person wants to refill the form with new information?  I want to give people the option to simply start over with a blank form rather than go to a landing page and then navigate all the way back to where they started if all they want to do is fill in a form with new information.


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Re: Adding Another Submit Button to a Form

What you're describing is more than just another submit button.

If you're trying to build a referral form, you must ensure that the Munchkin cookie is excluded from form submission.

I also don't think two buttons, one reading "Submit a new lead" and one "Submit form" makes sense from a UX perspective.  If I were to click on the first one, I would assume that the current information on the form is gone, not that my data will be submitted and then the form will be reset for another lead. Why not have the "Submit a new lead" button come up after the form is submitted, i.e. so they can choose to reset the form?