Abandoned quote program

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Abandoned quote program


I've been tinkering away at an abandoned quote program for a while now, and i can't seem to get the flow steps working correctly.

Essentially, what we want to do is:

  1. Identify any leads that have obtained a quote from our website (e.g. lead visits webpage www.example.com/quote) and add them to a ‘Quote list’
  2. Identify any leads that obtained a quote from our website and then proceeded to purchase (e.g. lead visits webpage www.example.com/confirmation)
  3. Of the remaining leads who did get a quote from our website but did not convert, we want to add these leads to a new ‘Abandoned Quote list’.
  4. Send an email to those leads who’ve been added to the ‘Abandoned Quote list’.
  5. Once the email has been sent to the leads in step 4 – remove them from the list.

The way I’ve currently got the campaigns set up, the leads are being added to the ‘Abandoned Quote list’ even if they’ve purchased from us. 

Any ideas on getting the flow steps working correctly?

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Re: Abandoned quote program

Without knowing the fields you have available or how those records are sent to Marketo, there's not much we can help with.

It sounds like your main system needs to identify leads as Converted-Purchased vs. In Quote Process or whatever you call it. Only then will Marketo know how to handle them.

I'm assuming your dropped cart process has the lead provide contact info and it properly discloses they are giving permission for emails and follow ups.

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Re: Abandoned quote program

Our main system pushes the policy/sale record to Marketo, once there has been a conversion.  e.g. the field 'Policy_Number' is updated. Nothing is updated in Marketo if no conversion/sale is made. 

This is what is currently in play.

Campaign #1 (Add to cart/quote), smart list:

01 Smart list.PNG

Campaign #1 (Add to cart/quote), flow:

01 Flow.PNG

Campaign #2 (Abandoned cart/quote), smart list:

02 Smart list.PNG

Campaign #2 (Abandoned cart/quote), flow:

02 Flow.PNG

Campaign #3 (Send email), smart list:

03 Smart list.PNG

Campaign #3 (Send email), flow:

03 Flow.PNG

There are also campaigns 4 & 5 which is used to remove the leads from the above lists if a conversion is made or email sent. These campaigns are working fine.

What is not working correctly is campaign #2 is adding leads to this even if the lead has had a converted sale.

example lead.PNG

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Re: Abandoned quote program

Campaign 2 is not doing what you want because it should be a batch, not a trigger. You are telling it to only look at people when they are Added to the List AND NOT Visited that page in the Past Day, but you only Add to List when they DO Visit the Page.

So of course Marketo will ignore this.

I highly recommend reconfiguring this as a set of Campaign Is Requested flows or a Batch to handle your situation.

  1. If Visited Page in Past 1 Day AND Policy Number IS EMPTY AND Email Address IS NOT EMPTY
    1. Send Email Abandoned Cart
    2. Add to List: Abandoned Cart

As you can see, this requires one flow and is less taxing on the system. It also guarantees you only hit people who are still Abandoned instead of needing to Remove them later.

Now, if you really want to send an email in two hours, you can do

  1. If Visits Page  AND Policy Number IS EMPTY AND Email Address IS NOT EMPTY [Could also do IN PAST 2 Hours, but could be iffy]
    1. Add to List Abandoned Cart - Start
    2. Wait 2 hours
    3. If Member of Smart List [still abandoned cart] then Send Email Abandoned Cart
    4. Add to List: Abandoned Cart Sent Email