Abandoned Cart Email through Marketo

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Abandoned Cart Email through Marketo

Hi all,


I was wondering if someone has created an abandoned cart email program in Marketo and would like to share their experience/solution?


We want to create an abandoned cart email which displays up to 6 products from the abandoned basket. Each product contains data such as image, price, description, quantity, etc. Therefore, I'm trying to create 6 custom objects, each for one product.


I'll use the data in these COs in the email script tokens to populate the email. However, because someone could leave just one product in the basket or more than 6, we don't want to display empty "product modules/tables". So we need to make the email dynamic. For that I'm thinking to create a segmentation based on how many products were abandoned in the basket (1-6 or more).


It seems like a really complicated process. Is there an easier way to do it? Any advice would be appreciated.








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Re: Abandoned Cart Email through Marketo

You don't want 6 different COs attached to the lead for every abandoned cart. That just leads to clutter and has only disadvantages (like you will not have a single {{trigger.object}}.


Have a single CO that holds the person's last abandoned data, as a group (as makes sense b/c it is literally a cart with one ID).  You can have up to 6 fields per item that way (6 x 6 = 36, under the 40-field limit) though you probably don't even need more than a couple. Just skip any that don't have data.

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Re: Abandoned Cart Email through Marketo

Yep this is basically how we've done it. Each custom object entry is one instance of an abandoned cart, and the fields show the products that are abandoned. 


Hint: this may be obvious but make sure they haven't bought those things when the email is sent....especially considering they may have bought some of the cart, but not all of it later. We sell online and offline so that sort of thing is important for us - we had to marry up some data sources.