A custom de-duplication solution needed

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A custom de-duplication solution needed

I wonder if anyone can suggest / provide a solution to remove duplicate records from our Marketo database.

Our Marketo instance is not integrated with our CRM, and we are required to manually import the CRM data into Marketo on a weekly basis.

Our customers can update their email addresses through their online profiles, and those changes are automatically reflected in the CRM.

When we manually import lists into Marketo, three fields have to match in order for the records to be merged with existing records in Marketo – Email Address, Customer ID and Person Type.

If the customer email address has changed and that updated record is imported into Marketo as part of a list than Marketo creates a duplicate record. We end up with duplicate records having the same Customer IDs and different email addresses.

We need the email address to be updated on the Marketo record, but I believe this can be done only either manually or on the API level, but not via a list import.

I wonder if anyone can build a custom solution for us to help us clean existing duplicate data (aprox 9k records) and also prevent them from happening in the future.

Also, we tried connecting with RingLead and that product wouldn't work for us because we are not integrated with SalesForce.

Marketo's Easy Merge wouldn't help us either because it's designed to merge leads that have the same email address.

We do need to keep records with duplicate email addresses due to the nature of our business. A lot of our customers share the same email address (for example, family members ) and that's why our Marketo instance allows to keep duplicate emails provided that Customer IDs are unique.

Our main goal is to merge records with duplicate Customer IDs.

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Re: A custom de-duplication solution needed

Hi Olga,

This is something we could definitely help with.  You can reach out to chris@salytics.com to discuss in detail.