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Merging Duplicates Part II : Easy Merge

Blog Post created by John Mattos Employee on Oct 12, 2015

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Duplicates happens to the best of us, and for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you've merged two instances of Marketo or imported an acquired company's leads into your Salesforce Org, or maybe your sales staff enters new leads rather than updating existing leads. Whatever the cause, Marketo has a service that can address these duplicates and clean up your database, and it's called easy merge.


What it IS

Easy Merge is a service you can purchase from your Marketo Consulting Engagement Manager (speak to your CAM today!) in which  you will engage with a Marketo Consultant to understand your data landscape, the source or your duplicates, and to assess how Easy Merge can best be applied.


Consulting will define rules around how the duplicated will be merged (more detail below), and then perform a "dry run" in which we'll simulate executing the merge rules on a subset of your database. When that's done, we'll review the results to ensure we're seeing what we expect, tweaking the rules as necessary. Once you're satisfied of the result, we'll typically create a smart list that shows all the duplicates that will be affected and download them for safety, and then kick off the full merge.


What it IS NOT

Easy merge is a rules based, logical approach to merging Leads in Marketo that have the same email address. It has some ability to employ "fuzzy matches" on things like "Elisabeth" vs "Elizabeth". The process will be run once, it's not meant to be an ongoing process, so its important to review the business processes that resulted in duplicates in the first place and address those.


There are, of course products on the Market that sit between Marketo and your CRM system such as DupeBlocker and Ring Lead that will continually address ongoing duplicates as they're created. One approach would be to leverage Easy Merge to merge the duplicates, and then turn on one of these products to prevent duplicates in the future.


SalesForce vs Microsoft Dynamics

The Easy Merge product was designed for use with SalesForce, but can also be employed if you have Microsoft Dynamics. Easy Merge respects the rules of merging in Marketo as documented in my previous blog. Easy Merge will be able to be applied if you have SalesForce duplicates AND Marketo Duplicates, but if you are synched with Microsoft Dynamics, Easy Merge can only be used if there are only duplicates on the Marketo side.



  • Definition of a Duplicate - A "duplicate candidate set" is a group of 2 or more leads with the same email. In Marketo, a duplicate is defined as two leads with the same email address.
  • Master Rule - The master rule defines which lead in a duplicate candidate set is the winner when the leads are merged. The criteria you can set are as follows. A really cool option here is to provide a prioritized list of values for #8, below. An example might be merging base on a prioritized list of lead owners... where human owners take priority over a group's priority.
    1. SFDC Contact over Marketo Lead (Very common!)
    2. Newest in Marketo (created in Marketo most recently, highest Marketo ID)
    3. Oldest In Marketo (created in Marketo longest ago, lowest Marketo ID)
    4. Newest In SFDC
    5. Oldest in SFDC
    6. Highest value of a custom field
    7. Lowest value of a custom field
    8. Value match on a custom field
    9. Pattern Match on a custom field
  • Exclusions - These define define fields for which, if they are in conflict, will prevent a given duplicate candidate set from merging. An example here would be when you allow leads to share email addresses, but have different first names. In Easy Merge you can define it such that if you have two leads with the same email (a duplicate) but different first names.. that it will NOT merge these.
  • Field level rules- It might be that for certain fields, you dont want to blindly accept the field value for the Lead that wins based on the master rule. For those fields we can define a field level rule. Some examples here include
    1. Choosing the highest lead score
    2. Concatenating comment fields together
    3. Choosing the higher value in a boolean field (true) for fields like unsubscribe. or other custom unsubscribe fields.


So as you can see Easy Merge can be really powerful for de duplicating in Marketo. If you think this is right for your company, give us a call today for pricing!