A/B test tie

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A/B test tie

I sent a test to 20% of my audience, with clicks being the criteria, and the winner sent after 24 hours. 

During the test, the emails got the exact same number of clicks (59). Marketo sent variant B.

Reading previous forum posts, it seems like it usually sends variant A in the event of a tie. Is there an explanation for why it sent B? Am I doing something wrong in the test? 




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Re: A/B test tie

Hi @martechandtacos 

Yes, it should fire Email A in case of a tie. As per my belief, the case can be when the winner [Email B] was sent, at that time the Email B had more clicks than A. And after sometime, clicks were made to Email A and it matched the Email B clicks, that's why you are seeing same number of clicks. 

But, it's worth to check with Support on this.