3 brands, 3 domains/alias, how does UTM, GA work?

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Re: 3 brands, 3 domains/alias, how does UTM, GA work?

In Marketo, "branding domain" and "tracking domain" mean the same thing: the click tracking domain that appears in your emails in place of the original link.

That's distinguished from "landing page domain" and "landing page domain alias" which are terms for the Marketo-hosted LP side.

To date there is no official support for multiple branding domains. The recommendation is to use the most general brand, if there is one.

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Re: 3 brands, 3 domains/alias, how does UTM, GA work?

Sanford is right on this.

Once you have created domain redirects, all your LP's will become immediately available to all domains.

Here is the danger with regards to GA since, your LP template has only 1 GTM code and tag... so by default, the LP will have the same GA tag in each domain instead of a different one.

2 solutions are possible:

  • The simplest one, that works well if your domain have a different branding, is to have different LP templates for each domain you manage. Each LP template will have a a different GA tag. This solution relies on the fact that you do not need to use the same LP in multiple domains and you can rely on the fact that the user will not mix the LP templates
  • The most efficient one is to have your GTM to be configured to detect the domain in which the LP and change the tag automatically. This is the solution you need to implement if the 3 domains have the same branding and should use the same LP templates. (as for instance if the 3 domains are, and

With regards to the UTM, this should have no impact, unless I missed something. UTM are being captured from the URL parameters in form hidden fields. This will work transparently on all domains.

Also, vote here:


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Re: 3 brands, 3 domains/alias, how does UTM, GA work?

Thanks so much Sanford WhitemanGrégoire MichelKristen Malkovich​ that's just what I needed.