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0 engagement score

I have a nurture campaign that has been running for 3 months. I had a cast go out a few days ago, but I am getting engagement scores of 0 for 2 emails that have always been in the program. I can see that there are no hard bounces, or unsubscribes. The open and click rates appear to be normal. Any idea why I am showing 0 as an engagement score for these?

Gary Marsh
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Re: 0 engagement score

Hi Gary,


Here are some questions/ideas based on the Understanding the Engagement Score documentation page:

  • Has it been 3 days after the last cast? Engagement Score is calculated 72 hours afterward.
  • Are the email assets directly in the stream or are they programs in the stream? If programs, Engagement Score is based on program status/success rather than email opens and clicks, so you'd want to make sure smart campaigns to update program status are in place.
  • Did these particular emails definitely go out with the recent casts and have the relevant activity from these recent casts? The Engagement Score looks at the interactions from the last 3 casts only.



Beth Massura

2022 Adobe Marketo Engage Champion

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Re: 0 engagement score

How are you inserting your content into the engagement streams?  Are you using email or programs?

The reason I mention this is that Engagement score when using programs is based on program success.