Multiple Triggers - Marketo Program

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Multiple Triggers - Marketo Program

Hi Team,


I wanted to check if this issue is from marketo end before I reach out to marketo support.


We have a marketo landing page, this landing page has multiple assets (couple of them are gated and couple of them are ungated);

We have set up trigger to capture engagements from each asset, all working fine but these are the issues with testing.


When I visit the landing page and get engage with all the assets, I get qualified in some and with some I don't get qualified at all, when I try after sometime I will get qualified in the one's I didn't get qualified before.


Is this happening because marketo has slow down or testing multiple triggers at the same time or sometimes both.

Also does is issue occurs when multiple people testing the triggers at the same time.









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Re: Multiple Triggers - Marketo Program

Well, campaigns can have some execution delays which you can monitor in the Campaign Queue, but if the campaign's trigger, filter, and scheduling criteria (flow through campaign 1x, every time, or x times in a time period) align with your person's activity, then ideally, the person should flow through the campaign flow. You might also be experiencing race conditions, and depending on which campaign runs first, and what data gets updated, the person might not get qualified for the rest of the campaigns. Since you haven't provided your campaign setup and the activity/ies that got logged in the activity log for us to validate whether the activity qualifies with the campaign setup or not, and identify any potential race conditions we aren't able to provide any specific recommendations on why the person flows through some campaigns and doesn't flow through the rest. Are you able to shed more light on your setup?