🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

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🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hello Community, 


Welcome to the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024! This is the featured Community Discussion thread for your Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentor, Sydney Foy (@sydney) who will be here to guide and support you and your peers with your Adobe Marketo Engage questions as you prepare for your Adobe Marketo Engage Professional (AD0-E555) exam, through to the end of the program.  



A little bit about your Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentor, Sydney:






Digital & Marketing Operations Manager at Numerator with 5 years of experience in programbuilding, marketing analytics, digital marketing, and demand generation. Leads team and strategy for both marketing operations and digital marketing functions. 2X Marketo Certified Expert living in Chicago, IL. 







Aspirants mapped to @sydney 


  1. @Swaraj_74 
  2. @balam 
  3. @ceciliagonzalez / @ceciliag 
  4. @abbie_hunt 
  5. @Nicollette_Brad 
  6. @Devin_Temple 
  7. Harini Ganesan
  8. Gulshan Kumar Jha
  9. Saket Singh



How to Participate  

  1. Aspirants’ goal is to clear their Adobe Marketo Engage Certification during the duration of the program: May 17th , 2024 – June 21st, 2024.
  2. Aspirants: Post your Questions in this thread to connect with your Mentor Sydney, and your fellow Aspirant peers.  
  3. You are all preparing for the same Certification, so feel free to use this space to share what you’re learning and collaborate!  


Suggested Next Steps for Aspirants: 

  • Update your Community Profile photo with your latest headshot so that you can stand out to your Mentor and Peer Aspirants. 
  • Like this thread to confirm your participation in the program 
  • Introduce yourself to Sydney and your Aspirant peers by replying to this Thread! Break the ice by introducing yourself (location, org/ company, etc.) and your experience with/ interest in Adobe Marketo Engage 
  • Post your Questions to this thread as you begin learning more about the Adobe Marketo Engage Professional (AD0-E555) certification
  • Test your Marketo Engage knowledge by browsing through the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Questions and taking your best shot at answering some Qs! 
  • Remember that every post / like / comment you make in your contextual thread and in the Marketo Engage Community throughout the duration of the program helps increase your chance to be recognized by your Mentor and win exclusive Adobe swag, so bring your best efforts! 


Quick links  


We're wishing you all the best as you embark on this learning journey!  




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Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hey @sydney ! I see it says what aspirants are mapped to you, but I don’t see myself on there. Is that ok? Btw, I’m Abbie from South Georgia and working with Macmilllan Learning as a digital marketing specialist. Hoping to pass this certification to upskill my knowledge of marketo to help my team build better campaigns and understand more about reporting on the analytics within the software! 

Level 2

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi Abbie! Nice to meet you! I messaged Jon asking about the mismatch between the email sent and those who are tagged in the thread. My guess is they just missed some folks in the thread so please join us! 

Marketo Employee

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi @abbie_hunt apologies for the confusion. Sydney is correct, I mistakenly did not add you to the mentor thread. I've added you now - please save/bookmark this page for your convenience!

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Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi everyone,


I'm Swaraj from India, and I've been working on Marketo for the last year. I'm here to expand my knowledge base with others. I look forward to engaging with fellow participants, sharing insights, and contributing to our collective growth and learning.

Level 2

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Welcome Swaraj! Looking forward to talking more! 

Level 2

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi Everyone! 


Welcome to the Mentorship Program! So excited to help you all on this journey! I'll be here for questions as they come up but also posting resources and a quiz every Monday (forgive me that it's Tuesday since yesterday was a US holiday)! 


We'll begin with Section 1 this week which focuses on the following areas (everything is optional of course, try to focus on what areas you need the most growth in):


Section 1: Building and managing programs (39%)

  • Given a business need/question, identify an appropriate reporting strategy to perform an analysis
  • Analyze data to answer business questions
  • Identify conversion funnels (as a concept to understand business analysis)
  • Consult the Solution Design Reference (SDR) to determine what data is available in reports
  • Analyze report data to summarize and draw conclusions
  • Recognize outliers and anomalies in reports

Resources for Section 1: 

Practice Activities for Section 1:

  • Find a report in Marketo and use it to answer the following questions:
    • What’s your average Click to Open rate for the last 30 days?
    • What’s your average Open rate for the last 30 days?
      • Are there any emails with 0% or 100% open rates? What would you do with that data before sharing it out to a team? 
    • What’s your average deliverability rate for the last 6 months?
    • Create an email link performance report for one of your email campaigns 
    • Find a report where you can look at email reporting for people within a certain country only. Which country is most engaged? 
    • Find a report where you can see all of your nurture’s engagement scores  in one place

Quiz for Section 1 (recommend reviewing the materials above before taking): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDmp-QOKpReQkfTsSa6b6QHEhdgA95kcY5pqaQL_o7fNiwdw/viewform?...


If you have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out! 


Level 2

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi Everyone + Happy Friday! 


Wanted to check in and see if anyone had any lingering questions about the Section 1 material from this week? Here if there's anything I can help clarify or explain! 


Also if anyone would like to connect on LinkedIn feel free to add me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sydney-foy/ ! Would love to follow all your professional journeys! 

Level 2

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Welcome to Week 2! 


Section 2: Building assets (19%)

  • Manipulating files in Design Studio (uploading/replacing images and files).
  • Create/Modify a form using the Form Editor.
  • Create/Edit an email using the Email Editor.
  • Create/Edit a landing page using the Landing Page Editor.
  • Create/Edit a Snippet in the Snippet Editor.
  • Distinguish the difference between draft and approved assets.
  • Distinguish the difference between local and global assets.

Section 2 Resources:


  • Section 2 Practice Activities:
    • Build a new form in Marketo that has fields for Name, Email, Company, Industry 
      • Make a field that if someone selects a specific industry like “Technology” a rule will make a field for Job Title appear only for those that select Technology 
    • Create a new test email, edit the subject line, pre-header, add/edit images, change the from address and sender name 
    • Create a new Marketo landing page, add your form you created earlier to the page, add some additional elements to the page like images, text, the URL and buttons 
    • Create a new test snippet that shows a different message based on someone’s country 



Reply to the thread if you want to discuss any topics or have any questions on the materials! 

Level 2

Re: 🗣️ [Mentor Sydney Foy] 🌟 Adobe Marketo Engage Community Mentorship Program 2024 🌟

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Week 3! Respond to this thread with how you're feeling about the exam and if there's any concepts you'd like to talk about more! 


Section 3: Defining and targeting audiences (33%)

  • Create/Modify Smart Lists.
  • Understand Smart Campaign flow steps.
  • Understand how to schedule and/or activate Smart Campaigns.
  • Interpret Smart Campaign results.
  • Describe the purpose of a segmentation and its use.
  • Identify and navigate the Database.
  • Explain how to set privacy settings in Adobe Marketo Engage.
  • Differentiate between Smart Lists and Static Lists.
  • Define system Smart Lists.
  • Compare and contrast the different types of Smart Campaigns.
  • Understand how Smart Campaign triggers and filters work.
  • Differentiate the different list imports.

Section 3 Resources:

If you'd like to apply for a 50% exam voucher please use this link from Adobe!