What Happens When a Nurture Email is Sent through Sales Insight

A client recently asked me if a sales rep used Marketo Sales Insight to send an email which was in an engagement program, would that email be sent again in the nurture or skipped.

In theory, it seems like the nurture program would not send the email since it is the exact same email – it was just enabled for Sales Insight in the email settings.  This, however, is not the case when using out of the box functionality of Marketo.

While the email is the same content and just one email to edit within the UI, the Marketo platform sees this one email as two individual emails on the back end. 

Why?  Because every Sales Insight email is assigned a unique ID to help Marketo’s system distinguish between a “marketing” email and a “sales email” when it is sent. It is this functionality that allows the Sales Email Performance report to be generated and grouped either by Email or Sales Rep.

The engagement program looks for the unique ID of its email, and since the nurture email has not been sent to the person, it will indeed be sent again.

Because seeing is believing, here are the test results that show how the system considers the email two separate emails.


Now, you can set up a more complex engagement program using nested default programs, program statuses and add choice flow steps to trick the system into thinking an email has been sent to someone before and therefore have it skipped inside of an engagement program. But this is a topic for another day. If you would like to learn how now, reach out to and learn how our professional services team can help.