Troubleshooting SFDC Sync with Marketo Issues – Common Notifications

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Do you ignore the Marketo notifications because looking at potential issues isn't much fun? Many times they aren’t as bad as you might. Here are some of the common notifications I have seen and some tips regarding what to do about them.



Example of Error

Impact to Marketo if any

Recommended Action in Marketo if any

Salesforce Sync Error

An unexpected error occurred.

soqlBatchQuery failed.

Marketo will time out and try again during the next sync cycle.

Marketo logs the error to help identify whether it is a recurring issue and to assist your SFDC admin in investigating it. The error is not caused by Marketo and there is no data loss and all updates will eventually sync. Any investigation into the cause of the error needs to be done in Salesforce.

Salesforce Sync Error: Server is not Available

Marketo is unable to log into your Salesforce account.

The Salesforce server is not available.

Marketo will try again during the next sync cycle.

Salesforce Sync Error: Unable to update Lead

Marketo is unable to update Lead in Salesforce.

INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY: insufficient access rights on object id.

Record will not be able to sync to SFDC.

Verify that the SFDC profile that is assigned to the Marketo sync user has the correct permissions. The error can be caused be an object level or field level permission. One way to make sure is to look a given leads error message and see the last sync to SFDC attempt, paying attention to the last fields that were passed over from Marketo to SFDC. Resync lead as needed.

Salesforce Sync Error: Unable to update Lead

Marketo is unable to update Lead in Salesforce.


Record will not be able to sync to SFDC

Verify that the SFDC validation rule is met for the field specified. Create campaigns in Marketo if necessary to put the correct value or a temporary value in the field if you want to sync the record before collecting the correct value. Resync lead as needed.

Salesforce Sync Warning: Change in Salesforce Field

One or more fields has been changed in such as a change to the field's picklist or the length of the field

The following fields have been changed:

•  Lead Source picklist entries changed

•  maximum length changed - old value: '2000', new value: '32768'

The form using the field will automatically be re-approved causing the Landing page asset listed using field will be made as draft to reflect change.

Check your forms and make sure these fields are correct. Then re-approve the landing pages to update the live version.

Here are some additional resources for learning about the Marketo integration with SFDC.

Level 1

Very helpful, Thank you Brian Law​​! One other notification to add is - Salesforce Sync Error: Daily API Limit Reached

Can you confirm if there is not data loss in this case too, and that once the limit clears in 24 hours all the updates will sync over?

Marketo Employee

Hi Smitha, I will check with someone on the tech services team and get back to you. If Jep is in the office you might want to ask him .

Level 1

Hello Brian, how can you pull a report of those, say for example the one with: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION?

Marketo Employee

Hi Regan, if you see the notification in Marketo, on the right hand-side there should be examples and a link below it to all the records impacted by the issue.

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Thank you!

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Hi Ben,

Many thanks for putting this chart together! I'm researching an error called "Unable to Lock Row". From what I understand, it's a condition where Marketo is unable to write to a person-record because it's currently being edited by SFDC.

Would Marketo ever cause this sync error to happen? Say, if you had a slew of operational smart campaigns triggered and all attempting to update the same record? (e.g. scoring, normalization, status, assignment etc.)

Is there data loss with this type of sync error? Will Marketo attempt a follow-up sync?

Marketo Employee

Hi Eric, according to support there is never a data loss. Marketo will always attempt a follow-up sync. Thanks - Brian

Level 3

Hi Brian,

I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I'm encountering an error that I can't seem to find other examples for in the community. Since it seems to be happening at around 10 p.m. every day, is this regarding something I have running at 10 p.m.? Or is there something between Salesforce and Marketo that might happen at 10 p.m. that triggers this... When I spoke with Salesforce they essentially told me to switch to Pardot.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 10.10.55 AM.png