On-demand Webinar: Behavioral-based advanced nurtures

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Marketo Employee


Now that you have a strategy for your nurture launch, you'll want to build in an efficient way to leverage existing or new content and apply localization or personalization. However, you may be struggling with where to start. Join Adobe Marketo Engage Champions @Julz_James & @Amanda_Thomas6 as they show you how to build a behavioral-based nurture during this live hands-on workshop. They'll show you what content to use based upon your buyer's journey and more.


During the workshop you'll learn:

  • How to leverage a content library to use within a nurture
  • How to build nested nurtures to enable behavior-based personalization
  • How to localize your sends and content within a nurture

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This is a brilliant webinar, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the awesome content , and well furnished. 

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Thank you @Julz_James & @Amanda_Thomas6 . This was extremely helpful! I recently started building a new nurture and was wondering what, if any, are the benefits of housing your content library inside of an engagement program that's not used to send any emails. I created a folder structure outside of the engagement programs that we will be using for nurture, as seen in the screenshot below.  The parent folder is for Activity-based nurtures, then below that are two folders; one for all of the nurture content and another for all of the engagement programs. 


Just wondering if I should move all of the content into a program, like you had in your demo?


 Content libraryContent library

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Hi @Tara_Dacci 


Thanks for the question.  Where you put the content is down to personal preference, but if you are building a true content library then you really want to house all the nested nurture programs within their own set of folders and not within the Nurture Program itself.  You must remember when adding the nested nurture program to the nurture that you must be on the nurture program stream tab before trying to add to the stream.


 I have also built out content libraries with a Content Library Nurture Program as well. This is a good way to keep all the folders organized under one program vs. multiple folders within Marketing Activities itself.


I hope this makes sense?






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@trpatric, Thanks for sharing the webinar. I am planning to run a few nurture programs and I am sure this information is going to be super helpful for me to deploy a great nurture program. 

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Thanks @2julzjames, makes sense. I appreciate your help!