New Features of Dynamic Chat [launched in July 2022]

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hello Marketo Nation!




We are excited to announce some important updates that were released to Dynamic Chat this month that we think you’ll find useful.


Deselect Synced Attributes

Now you can deselect attributes of Marketo that you no longer needed in Dynamic Chat and add new native or custom attributes that can help you better target, personalize and engage your web visitors. 


  • Goto Integrations from the left menu
    Adobe-Dynamic-Chat-Adobe-Experience-Cloud (1).png
  • You will see the list of attributes that are currently being synced
  • Click on the attribute that you wish to deselect (in this example let's click on "Billing Postal Code")
  • You will see a popup with metadata of the selected field with an option to "Remove attribute"
    Adobe-Dynamic-Chat-Adobe-Experience-Cloud (2).png
  • Click "remove attribute" and a job will be initiated to remove the attribute from Dynamic Chat
  • In case you have dialogues that are using the selected attribute then you will see the list of those dialogues in this popup

    Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 6.13.40 PM.png


Note: You will see the option to remove an attribute only after removing the selected attribute from all dialogues 


A fresh look to Stream Designer

Based on our discussions with customers while designing a dialogue is super easy with simple drag and drop, managing these streams might become difficult if you have complex streams. Here are a few enhancements we have done in this release:

  1. Improve card type differentiation: We have assigned an icon with a specific color to easily differentiate card types that you have as part of your stream
  2. Improve Card Content Visibility: To help quickly identify the card with a specific text or the context why a specific card is added, we increase the size of each card that enabling you to view more text added to it.



Guide to activate PDF Embed:

With Adobe PDF Embed API, you can now share documents through conversations and track them. We have got some great excitement since we launched this feature in the last release. To help you get started quickly, we have now created and linked a guide for you to get started. To understand more about this feature please check this post. 

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 7.00.55 PM.png


Along with these, we have done several performance optimizations to improve your experience using Dynamic Chat.


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