MS Dynamics Native Sync : Notification to update Authentication Type for MS Dynamics Online before April '22

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

MS Dynamics Authentication Protocol announcement 


Microsoft is deprecating the WS-Trust authentication protocol for Dataverse on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means that MS Dynamics 365 customers using Basic Authentication (just ID and password) need to switch to OAuth based connection to use the native Marketo Engage connector before April ’22.   


Please follow this doc page to complete the upgrade in a few easy steps.  You may also go through this video for S2S and WebAPI set up steps. 


If you own a Sandbox instance, it is recommended to perform the update for the Sandbox environment first followed by Production.     


 Customer may optionally raise a Microsoft support ticket to extend the date for WS-Trust protocol by a maximum of 4 weeks. You would need to submit it before March 24th 2022 for them to consider it. 


You may also post any queries on the process to - 


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Thank you for sharing. 

Marketo Employee

Dear Community, I have updated this document with Video resources to aid simpler transition.  Please use and circulate this in your circles.

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Thank you for th document

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The new video is so helpful! Thank you for taking the time, @pbelkale1 !

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how do i know if we use Basic Authentication (just ID and password)?

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Hi Danielle - If you haven't changed the credentials recently and your Marketo instance is integrated with Dynamics, you need to switch over to new authentication method. Tne steps to do that you can find in the attached document in this thread.

During the time you re-configure your authentication method, the sync needs to be disabled for that time.

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We following these steps thanks for sharing it but we have this error :


ERROR : (0x0) Could not find a property named 'mkt_systemuser_mkt_marketoconfig' on type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.mkt_marketoconfig'. [HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request] under

"Sync user is assigned to the Marketo solution" knowing that we have the latest version running on Dyanmics 365

Any body faced this error  ? and how we can fix it ?



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we've got errors as well in that its stripped out bits of code/data that we rely on in D365. 

"I think I can see why .. Microsoft have been moving bits out of a classic view and into a modern.

What I think Marketo have done is hidden some of the options, in their own system .. but accidentally saved that into their latest version .. thus forcing the options to be hidden for customers .."

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We have also encountered the error "Could not find a property named 'mkt_systemuser_mkt_marketoconfig' on type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.mkt_marketoconfig'." and have been unable to resolve it when trying to migrate to the Web API S2S connection.  Has anyone found a resolution to this issue yet?