Lead Scoring: Before, During, and After Implementation

Level 5 - Champion Level 5 - Champion
Level 5 - Champion

Marketers might not have a background in data science or always have a dedicated data science team, but that doesn't mean lead scoring isn’t powerful and should be ignored! You should never set and forget your scoring model.  At Adobe Summit, I helped cover best practices on how to design, implement, and fine tune your scoring strategy.  Marketo Rockstars @Taylor_Enfinge4 and @Emily_Thornton1 joined me in an Adobe session to cover:


Before your lead scoring build:

  • Strategy behind your scoring model
  • Stress testing your strategy and model before build

During your lead scoring build:

  • Scalability/Adaptability – how to build so that scoring will scale and is optimizable
  • Best Practices – TONS of best practices
  • Testing – what to test, how to test, and what to watch out for

After your lead scoring build:

  • Monitoring – tips on how to make sure your scoring is working correctly and giving you results you want
  • Reporting – how to report on your model and see the impact it’s having
  • Optimizing – how to fine tune your model

We hope you can check it out!  Lead Scoring:  Before, During, and After Implementation