How to receive 165% more NPS survey responses (hint: it involves A/B testing)

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With one simple test, I was able to get a 165% increase in our survey responses. Here's how I did it.

Optimizely takes our customer's feedback seriously. We've created tight feedback loops that allow customers to share their experience with us.

I A/B tested the support feedback email copy that's delivered to customers who submitted a support ticket. Check out our test stats and learnings:

ElementsSupport Survey Test
Target AudienceEnterprise customers who have submitted a ticket to our support team.
HypothesisIf we send a support survey that references the exact support ticket information, then the customer will be more likely to click on the survey to provide feedback. This personalized email will give the customer immediate context and empower them to act immediately.
VariableEmail copy
GoalIncrease clicks by 50%
Result165% increase in clicks from variation recipients at 100% Statistical Significance*

Here are the two email variations:



Note how we added the support engineer who helped with the ticket!

We updated the subject line so the customer would find this email in the same support ticket thread.

We also added a link to the ticket so the customer could review the ticket they were asked to provide feedback for.

The biggest learning is that it's important to personalize. Our customers have reached a level of sophistication that they expect a catered experience with us, even with a support ticket. Every little bit a marketer can do to personalize will result in huge wins from a marketing campaign.

*I'm a geek, so I like to track statistical significance for our AB tests. If you don't understand statistical significance, that shouldn't deter you from AB testing! Marketo's Email Program Champion feature is a simple way to prove yourself as a data driven marketer.