Data Management Best Practices – Inferred Information

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Inferred information is captured by Marketo in the following situations:

  • When an anonymous record fills out a Marketo form on a Marketo landing page
  • When a known record in Marketo which hasn’t been cookied yet fills out a Marketo form on a Marketo landing page. The inferred information shows up immediately.
  • When a known record in Marketo clicks a link in an email with a link to a webpage which has the munchkin code on it

Since a data value change activity isn't logged in Marketo you won't be able to use the following trigger to populate a record with inferred information.


Instead, try using the visits web page trigger.



  • Run the campaign as a daily batch campaign if you don't need low latency.
  • Information about using Inferred State.
  • Information about using Inferred Country.
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Hey Brian,

As instances tend to have tons of webpage views daily, should there be any concerns related to degraded instance performance as a result of using "visits webpage is any". My assumption is that every page view triggers this logic and has to determine if qualified which has always been associated to slowing down an instance if the volume is high. Should this still be a concern?

On that note, is there a reason inferred information is not tracked in the activity log? May make this process easier. Just a thought.

Marketo Employee

Hi Keith, putting the munchkin code on super popular pages and having a visits any web page are both not recommended since they may impact smart campaign performance. You should ping Marketo support if you are running into system performance issues.

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Another, more simplistic way, would be to just run a nightly batch and forgo the trigger all together. /IF/ (Inferred Country) [Is Not Empty] /AND/ (Country) [Is Empty]. The first time you do this, will probably take awhile (depending on DB size) so would run late on a Friday night, but this way you're not taxing your instance by having a Trigger campaign always listening for web visits.