A Few Tips to Help You Integrate Socedo with Marketo

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

I was recently helping a client set-up Socedo and here are a few things I learned about the Socedo integration with Marketo. In case you aren’t familiar with Socedo, they help B2B marketers reach prospects by leveraging intent data from the social web.

Creating New Records in Marketo and Updating Existing Records

Socedo can be setup so it only creates records that do not match an existing email address in Marketo. New Socedo records will have a lead source of Socedo which can be changed in Marketo using a changed data value flow step.

Socedo will update records that match an existing email address in Marketo. Socedo will only update fields which are empty with a value like First, Last, Twitter handle or LinkedIn URL. Socedo will not overwrite/replace an existing value.

Insert and updates take place once a day.


Socedo recommends all the standard field mapping. If you don't initially map a standard field, Socedo will not back-fill records with existing data.


Marketo custom fields can be created for Socedo’s custom fields.


Socedo recommends creating custom fields for activities (e.g. Last Tweet). The tokens for the custom fields can be used to populate interesting moments.



You choose which campaigns in Socedo to integrate with Marketo.

Socedo batches their API calls, so during the initial match, it will be max 200 calls per day. Once they have matched records, it will be around 50-60 per day.

Socedo Tracking Pixel for Marketo Landing Pages with a Form

It is not necessary to place Socedo’s code on the Marketo Landing Pages which have a form. Socedo recommends placing the tracking pixel only on the thank you Marketo Landing Pages.