Conversational Flows and Marketo Engage Forms

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Dynamic Chat is introducing a new feature called Conversational Flows, which gives marketers the ability to make any call-to-action into a conversational experience. Marketo Engage Forms will be able to integrate directly with Conversational Flows so that marketers can instantly qualify leads for meeting bookings, offer white papers in window, collect additional information from leads, and more. You can even qualify leads based on their membership in a Smart List or Static List with our Dynamic Chat Prime offering.


Let’s take a look at a simple example. Let’s say I want to offer a meeting booking experience for high value contacts in strategic accounts that I currently segment on with a Smart List. In Dynamic Chat, I’ve built a Conversational Flow that I want my form to call after submission that thanks the person for their interest and offers them to book a meeting on a BDR’s calendar.





In Marketo Engage, it’s very simple to setup the audience criteria for calling the Conversational Flow. First, I’ll enable the Conversational Flow feature and set the Default experience to “Do Nothing”; I don’t want most people submitting the form to qualify for the meeting booking.



Next, I’ll add a choice and set the audience criteria for anyone who qualifies for my Engaged Leads Smart List. Being able to target on Smart List membership requires Dynamic Chat Prime. Dynamic Chat Select customers can try this feature by targeted values submitted on the form itself.


Then I’ll add the Conversational Flow I configured earlier and set the delivery type. I just have to approve the Form and it’s ready to target my contacts.




Now when my targeted contacts fill out the form on my website in a cookied browser session, they’ll be offered the option to book a meeting before they’re forwarded to the Thank You page, decreasing the amount of time spent waiting for a response from Sales and negotiating a spot on the calendars.



This is just one simple use case for making Marketo Engage forms conversational with Dynamic Chat! With the power of Dynamic Chat Prime you'll unlock up to 100k Conversational Flow engaged conversations per month and the ability to target with Smart List and Static List membership.

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Is this a paid add-on or available to all existing customers? 

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@ang_christine3 You can use a trial of it with a limited number of triggered engagements at no additional cost.

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Hello @Steven_Vanderb3 


I use Conversational flows with Marketo Form, in the Steam Design, I use info capture and map response to Marketo Field, but unfortunately, there are no data values push into to the Marketo Field, do you have some idea ? 




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@Tulipelle Can you send details to our customer support team? The data should be flowing back to Marketo when you capture them.