Dynamic Chat Prime & Select Marketo Engage Activities

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

We’re introducing a number of new, exciting features to Dynamic Chat including Live Chat, Conversational Flows, Routing Queues, and more. But what good are new features if you can’t action on them, right? Don’t worry; Marketo Engage has brand new activities, filters, and triggers so you can segment and personalize using all of the functionality we’re releasing!


New Activities, Filters, and Triggers

With our new Dynamic Chat release, we’re introducing six new activities:


  • Engaged with an Agent in Dialogue
  • Engaged with a Conversational Flow
  • Reached Goal in Conversational Flow
  • Scheduled Meeting in Conversational Flow
  • Engaged with an Agent in Conversational Flow
  • Interacted with Document in Conversational Flow


We’ve also added additional attributes to the existing four Dynamic activities and updated their naming convention; see details here.


Trigger Tokens

We’re also adding support for trigger tokens for all the Dynamic Chat activities in Marketo Engage. Trigger Tokens let you extract details of the activity attributes and copy them into places in the Flow of a trigger campaign. Some example use cases for trigger tokens include:


  • Populating details of an activity into an Alert email such as chat transcript URLs, meeting booking details, the URL a prospect was visiting when interacting with the bot, and more.
  • Creating Interesting Moments when a Person reaches a  Dialogue or Conversational Flow Goal with the details of that Goal type
  • Creating SFDC Tasks for events such as live chats or meeting bookings so that Account Executives get notified to follow up with BDRs or SDRs that may be chatting with their Contacts on the website.
  • Copying terms People are searching for in PDFs into Text Area fields for referencing later.


You can find all of our documentation on Trigger Tokens and how to reference them for Dynamic Chat here.