Community Lens: June 2023

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to the 6th edition of the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Lens! In this edition, read an updated blog on keeping your Marketo Engage instance organized, catch up on our product announcement regarding Marketo Engage's new Interactive Webinars feature, sign up for our upcoming webinar on tracking, analyzing and optimizing your marketing campaigns, watch our recorded Marketo Engage Champion Office Hours and Marketo & Mochas series, and more! 



  • Track, Analyze, and Optimize your Marketing Campaigns with Marketo Engage: Learn how to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns with Adobe Marketo Engage in a webinar hosted by Marketo Engage Champions Ajay Sarpal and Andy Caron. Gain valuable insights on key reporting and attribution techniques, effective utilization of features like UTMs, Lead Sources, and Programs, and advanced attribution solutions using Marketo Measure, helping you move beyond vanity metrics and optimize for success. Register and join us on June 28th at 8AM PDT!
  • Introducing Interactive Webinars for Adobe Marketo Engage: Marketo Engage unveils a game-changing addition to its Event and Webinars Marketing suite. Interactive Webinars revolutionize event marketing by providing end-to-end management within Marketo Engage. Users will benefit from streamlined efforts that allow them to create, promote, schedule, deliver, and analyze webinars seamlessly. With Interactive Webinars, you'll be able to engage participants with live polls, chat, Q&A, and more. Check out the Product feature blog to learn more about how you can maximize your webinar impact with Interactive Webinars!
  • Keep Your Marketo Engage Instance Organized with Folders and Naming Conventions: We’ve worked with Champion Alumni Natalie Kremer to update this article for 2023. Learn how to enhance the organization of your Marketo Engage instance by implementing a structured folder hierarchy and efficient naming conventions, ensuring easy navigation, intuitive programs, and accurate reporting for a successful marketing campaign.
  • Announcing the 2023 Adobe Experience Maker Awards Finalists: We’re thrilled to present you with this year’s finalists! These leaders are behind some of the most outstanding customer experiences, including those in the Engager category, which recognizes the company that has transformed how pipeline is created by engaging and nurturing customers through every stage of the customer journey to drive measurable growth in concert with sales. Be sure to register for the Adobe Experience Maker Awards gala, streamed live at 8pm ET on June 21.


In This Edition

  • Cracking the Personalization at Scale Code using Marketo Engage: In this webinar recording, Marketo Engage Champions Courtny Edwards-Jones and Darshil Shah share their expertise in maximizing personalization features. Learn about how to use tokens, segmentations, dynamic content & snippets, and velocity scripting.
  • Six Tips for Managing the Marketo/Salesforce Revenue Machine: Champion Chris Willis provides insights on optimizing the revenue machine by effectively managing the integration between Marketo Engage and Salesforce, covering synchronization schedules, database governance, and key synced fields.
  • Salesforce Sync Deep Dive (Part 1): Learn about the Marketo and Salesforce sync process, including scenarios for syncing new and existing records, handling owner assignments, and avoiding duplicate records, to ensure a successful synchronization between Marketo and Salesforce for efficient marketing and sales operations. If you liked this blog, be sure to check out our follow-up blog on the two best practice methods for syncing people between Marketo Programs and Salesforce Campaigns: 
  • Community UX Updates – Ideas tab, University web page sunset and respective sub-nav links, pinned posts/blogs (no announcement needed),
  • Marketo Engage Training and ADLS Announcement: The Marketo Engage training page has been transitioned to Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS). Check out our repurposed resources and access skill-based training, live courses, and unlimited learning subscriptions for Adobe Experience Cloud products.


In Case You Missed It

  • Marketo Champion Deep Dive – Inheriting an Instance: Are you familiar with the feeling of receiving your Marketo login credentials for a new role and experiencing a mix of excitement and concern? You might be faced with a disorganized setup that lacks naming conventions or a proper lifecycle. Alternatively, everything may appear perfect, which makes you worried about accidentally breaking something. Fortunately, our Marketo Champions Enrico De Leon and Courtny Edwards-Jone have valuable tips for successfully handling an inherited instance.
  • June Marketo Champion Office Hours: Are you looking for new methods to scale your marketing operations effectively? Watch our recorded June Office Hours session with the 2022 Marketo Engage Champions, where they shared invaluable insights and answered hot-topic questions in real-time.
  • Marketo & Mochas - Deliverability Part 1: This video series focuses on diving deep into technical Marketo features that may improve your efficiency and operating capabilities with Marketo Engage. In this edition, Marketo Deliverability Manager, Sean Wirt and Sr. Marketing Automation Business Advisor, Cynthia Chang dive into the best practices of Deliverability, highlighting the components of reputation, data quality factors, types of engagement and the pros and cons of Shared vs. Dedicated IPs. Cynthia then demonstrates how to import the Deliverability Program in Marketo Engage. If you liked this video, be sure to check out our other Marketo & Mochas topics! 


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