Introducing Interactive Webinars: Marketo's one-stop solution to all event marketing needs

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Marketo Employee


Interactive Webinars:


Adobe Marketo Engage is thrilled to announce the introduction of our latest innovation: Interactive Webinars powered by Adobe Connect to its Event and Webinars Marketing suite of capabilities. This unique capability that has been launched in Adobe Summit 2023 provides event marketers with a unique opportunity to manage all the activities in the virtual-event marketing lifecycle within Marketo without having to manage multiple tools and avoiding hassles related to the timely and reliable exchange of data between multiple tools.




Interactive Webinars is designed to act as a one-stop solution to all the needs of an event marketer from the creation of a webinar to its promotion and from webinar delivery to analysis post delivery. An event marketer can ensure that the objectives of designing and running the webinar are met and rich insights obtained from the webinar participation are utilized to accelerate the conversion velocity.




Here are some of the key benefits of Interactive Webinars:

  1. Streamline your event marketing efforts: Interactive Webinars is built-in webinar creation and management tool that allows you to create, promote, and deliver webinars all in one place never leaving Marketo Engage. Creating events in  3rd party webinar provider interface, performing multiple authentications, waiting for registration and attendance data to be exchanged and mapping the webinar data back to Marketo Engage for enhanced nurturing are activities of the past.
  2. Richer insights for decision-making: Marketers can now gain access to webinar activity data they didn’t have access to before including information related to engagement such as what polls were answered and what were the answers, what questions were asked, and whether they were answered, who has shown interest by clicking a particular link or filling a form or downloading a document and what was the participation duration of individual participants during the event. Marketers can use this data directly inside Marketo Engage to build smart lists, personalize messaging, and build nurture campaigns maximizing their overall return on webinar investment.
  3. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: No need to still use multiple tools to conduct webinars, exchange information between webinar provider and Marketo Engage or analyze event engagement information obtained from webinar provider. Let Interactive Webinars handle it for you.




With Interactive Webinars, you can now create, promote, schedule, and deliver webinars right within Adobe Marketo Engage, without needing to purchase a separate webinar platform. You can customize your webinar according to the type of event, add presenters, obtain rich engagement insights through Adobe Connect features such as live polls, chat, Q&A sessions, web link clicks, document downloads, etc., obtain the recording of the webinar right within Marketo Engage, evaluate webinar performance through the rich dashboard and much more.


The Interactive Webinars capability in Adobe Marketo Engage consists of the following functionalities:

  1. End-to-End Event Management:  Marketers can execute the complete set of activities in the event marketing lifecycle such as creating, promoting, delivering, and analyzing the webinar all within Marketo.
  2. User Management: Marketo Admin can choose which Marketo users can create Interactive Webinars to ensure that Interactive Webinars licenses are used optimally.
  3. License Management: Marketo Admin can view the licenses available, regulate webinar creation, and request more licenses once they have expired or exhausted by contacting the Sales partner.
  4. Webinar Configurability: Marketers can access customized templates suited to marketers’ needs and webinar objectives to craft an optimal webinar layout for efficient delivery.
  5. Feature-rich Delivery: Marketers can take advantage of various tools at hand such as Polls, Q&A, chats, web links, downloads, and reactions in the Adobe Connect interface to make the engagement with participants meaningful and memorable.
  6. Post-Event Segmentation: Marketers can access the special filters and triggers in the Smart lists for advanced segmentation, sophisticated lead-scoring, and personalized nurturing.
  7. Performance Analytics: Marketers can access a special dashboard for lead and aggregated engagement data to help gauge the overall webinar performance.


Limited Access Program:


Interactive Webinars is currently available through a Limited Access program to a pre-selected list of Marketo customers. These Marketo customers would receive email communications related to the provisioning of Interactive Webinars on their production instance as well as links to documentation to use Interactive Webinars in an optimal fashion. 


The Included Interactive Webinars as a part of Limited Access Program is available at no additional cost to these customers based on their Marketo subscription package in the following quantities for a period of 1 year from the date of provisioning coterminous with the Marketo contract:

  1. Select package: 12 webinars with capacity of 500 participants.
  2. Prime package: Unlimited webinars with capacity of 1000 participants (without time overlap/no concurrency)
  3. Ultimate package: Unlimited webinars with capacity of 1000 participants (with 1-time overlap/single concurrency)

We are also opening up the same Interactive Webinars Limited Access program to all Marketo customers who would like to try out this new innovation and would be willing to provide feedback to help us improve this new capability to suit the needs of different event marketers.


In order to obtain early access to Interactive Webinars, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you with more details on the provisioning schedule for your production instance :

Form Link


We would like to thank all our customers for their continuous support and encouragement as well as sharing their feedback with us. This helps us think deeply about our users to allow us to bring new innovations and capabilities to life. 


Team Adobe Marketo Engage.