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Analytic Modal Updates

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

As part of our updates to Marketo Engage's Modern UX, we are updating the modals used in Reports assets to select assets in the Setup tab. These updates will be rolling out to all customers over the remainder of September and October 2023. Updates to the modals over the current modals include:


  • Improved filtering
  • Improved navigation through the tree
  • Side-by-side view of available and selected assets


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Wait...didn't this already happen earlier in 2023?

This is correct. At the start of 2023, we did an update to the design of our Report modals. Due to customer feedback, we rolled back those updates and worked to redesign the modal to address the pain points customers found. A post discussing this rollback can be found here:


So what has changed since then?

We have worked to improve the design of the modals based on the feedback we received during the initial rollout. Here were some of the common issues customers reported and how we worked to address them:


Searching on program or folder name

Searching on program or folder name is now supported in the modal.


Behavior of the Show More button in program and campaign folders

The Show More button is no longer needed to load the tree and has been removed.


Behavior of asset selecting and retaining choices

The selection of assets is no longer lost when searching or navigating through the tree.


Color contrast between backgrounds and selections

There is now greater contrast between backgrounds and selections to be more in line with accessibility standards.


Asset selection counts

How many assets are selected is now more representative of what the report is reporting on.


Scrolling behavior

Due to the removal of the Show More button, the tree no longer loses your place of where you have scrolled to.


When should I expect this change? Can I delay or decline it?

This gradual rollout will be taking place starting mid-September 2023 and are expected to finish by the end of October 2023 for all subscriptions. There is no option to delay or decline this change. Our primary goal of this change, besides updating the look and feel of the modal, is to finish upgrades for all subscriptions to our new service that powers the Marketo Engage tree. Since this change is tied to an infrastructure upgrade, there is no ability to delay this change.


What if I have feedback or find a bug?

You can leave feedback for the new Analytics modal as a comment to this post or leave suggestions in the Ideas section of the Nation. Bugs should be reported to Customer Support as soon as possible; they will work with the Product and Engineering teams to resolve the issue.

Level 2

A much needed and awaited improvement, thank you! 

Level 2

Exciting to see improvement in current UI. 

Level 1

Was awaiting for this feature from long time. Love to see it live !! 🙂

Level 1

There's one update to the UI that has made building reports more challenging for the user -- you cannot resize the popup modal so you cannot see program/email names in the left nav making it hard to build email reports, without first copying the name of that folder(s) or asset(s). 

Level 1

Please consider increasing the maximum selection limit. The current cap of 1,000 emails severely hinders quarterly and annual reporting, especially for companies who send out millions of emails each quarter.

Marketo Employee

@kerryblake We made some choices to introduce guardrails to protect the health of our new tree service so that it is much more stable and performant than our previous tree service. We did some research and reporting on how users configured reports and the 1000 asset limit met the 99th percentile use case. We also considered how the number of assets selected in a report negatively impacted it's performance to cause timeouts when deciding this upper limit.


One unintentional limitation is the lack of the ability to select the root workspace node to report on all assets in the workspace (irrespective of the 1000 asset limit). We intended to support that but it's a bug that it's not working right now; we intend to fix that issue in the January release.


The created and modified date filters may help in paring down your reporting to just the emails that were created in the quarter that you are reporting on.