Adobe's Marketo Engage is preparing for a release that will make managing events and webinars easier. To help ensure we're providing the highest quality release possible, we ask that you test-drive the beta features and share your feedback.

The beta features help the marketer with three key tasks:

  1. Setting goals for registrations and attendees as part of planning an event or webinar (additional goal: on-demand attendees)
  2. Setting registration limits for an event or webinar
  3. Automatically placing overflow registrants on a waitlist

Highlights of the beta program:

  • The beta involves two features:
    • Event Cap (Set event registration caps, page redirects, and waitlists – see Helpful Links for details)
    • Event Goals (Set event registration and attendance goals and track actual progress – see Helpful Links for details)
  • Prerequisites for participation in the beta program:
    • Have a signed beta agreement on file (request this from your Customer Success Manager)
    • You must be licensed for the Events and Webinars add-on (also helps to have some event data in your system)
    • Marketo Sky: If you are not using Sky today and don’t plan to right away, then consider a hybrid model for the beta. In other words, have beta users use Sky for programs of “Event” and “Event with Webinar” type, and use classic UI for everything else. These features are only available in Sky.
  • There is no cost to you.
  • At the end of the beta, we will turn off the features unless you decide to subscribe to the GA product. Pricing and packaging for the GA product is to be determined.
  • If you have a need to make these features available to specific users, you can require beta users to use Sky for events and webinars while non-beta users continue using the classic UI, where the new features are not available.
  • If all users are already on Sky and you still need to isolate the features to certain users, please contact us so that Engineering can work with you to figure out a solution.
  • Note: Predictive Audiences (that is, AI predictions and predictive filters) will come later. The beta for that will not require a new beta agreement, so you are welcome to participate when the time comes. We will announce its availability when it is ready.
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