Resources for Learning about the Marketo Integration with SFDC

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Whether you are new to Marketo or have been using it for years here is a list of of the resources for learning more about the Marketo integration with SFDC.


Initial SFDC Sync


SFDC Fields

  • Special SFDC fields/tokens in Marketo
  • Mapping of Marketo created fields to SFDC fields
  • SFDC Email Opt Out field. A great article about durable unsubscribes by Raul Fonseca.
  • Renaming or deleting a SFDC field
  • Syncing a previously hidden SFDC field
  • Syncing a lookup field
  • SFDC field types mapping to Marketo field types
  • Changing the type or length of a SFDC field.
  • Changing the field type of a Marketo Field
  • Using a SFDC picklist field in a Marketo form
  • Merging a Marketo Field with a SFDC field
  • When do the Marketo Account/Company fields become read only
  • Making a SFDC field read only
  • Using a SFDC formula field in Marketo
  • Using Multi-Select Fields from SFDC in Marketo
  • Setting or restricting the values of a Marketo Field
  • Blocking field updates
  • Sending a birthday message
  • Sending a post birthday message
  • SFDC Special Fields - Email Bounced Date and Reason
  • SFDC User tokens


Marketo Fields


Sync Lead to SFDC or Change Owner Flow Step

  • Using the Sync Person to SFDC flow step to insert a Marketo only record
  • Using the Auto-Assignment rule when inserting/syncing a new record to SFDC
  • Using a queue when syncing a new record to SFDC. Part II.
  • Setting the SFDC record type
  • Using the Change Owner flow step


SFDC Converting / Merging / Deleting Records

  • Converting a Lead into a Contact in Salesforce
  • The results in Marketo of merging Leads or Contacts in SFDC
  • Using Marketo to merge a Marketo record with a SFDC Lead or Contact record
  • Using Marketo to merge a SFDC Lead with a SFDC Contact
  • Deleting a Synced Record in Marketo or SFDC



  • Checklist for attribution reporting including - Setting up Marketo and SFDC for attribution reporting.


SFDC Opportunities


Troubleshooting Sync Issues

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You da man Brian!

Marketo Employee

Thanks Jason. If you have any ideas for SFDC topics send them my way

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This is Awesome Brian Law​!

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Excellent resource.

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Thanks for this resource Brian!   I have a question, are we able to control only updating lead records in SFDC with a 1:1 database sync when something like a form fill or other update occurs in Marketo, and NOT update a contact record in SF?  I may not be posing this question right, but the gist is that we management concerns that they don't want contact records updating in SF and only allow lead records to update.   Is this even possible?   Thanks again for this resource! 

Marketo Employee

Hi Trinity, make the contact fields read only if you absolutely need to protect the data integrity. Otherwise use block field updates to allow Marketo edit to a field if the field value is empty. Without field blocking, the updated information in Marketo would then sync to Salesforce and overwrite the data.

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Thanks Brian, we are using field blocking as well, I'll have to see what our status is with read-only for Contact records.   I'll have to turn my question into a separate post as there are some other Sync Options settings that are causing some issues as well.  Appreciate it!!

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Excellent Brian!