Reporting tips for Marketo Measure (Bizible) Dynamics CRM Users

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Marketo Measure's (fka Bizible) solution for Microsoft Dynamics comes with stock reports that you can use; however, they need a bit of customizing to get the most value out of them. To brush up on the available reports, please review this article.


Tip #1:


In general, you’ll want to take each stock Marketo Measure report (find these in the link above) and make it Marketo Measure-data specific. For example, starting with the Report titled “Bizible Attribution by Landing Page” will return Opportunities with or without Bizible Attribution Touchpoints. It’s helpful to filter the report to only return Opps with BATs though.  Here is a simple way to do this:




Note that if you want the filter changes to stick, you’ll want to make the changes in the Report Wizard. To do this click File --> Report Wizard as shown in the picture below BEFORE making any changes.




Before we move on, below is a quick example of how to filter the report to isolate Marketo Measure data for a Leads report:




Tip 2:

To see all of the Touchpoint data in table format, you’ll need to go into the Report Wizard and on the “Format Report” tab, make sure to select an option that includes the Table. The default format is the Chart only and usually clients want to see more than just the chart.



Tip 3:


Use Groupings! Grouping the data is an easy way to consume the report more effectively. The two most common groupings are:

  1. ID of the record whether it’s Leads, Contacts, Opportunities to tell the story of that respective record. 
    • Leads by ID - would show the chronological story of the each lead as told by BTs (example in screenshot below)
    • Opportunities by ID - would show the chronological story of the Opp as told by BATs
  2. Marketing Channel to aggregate the data more broadly.
  3. Something even more granular like Landing Page, Form URL, Ad Campaign Name, etc.





That's 3 tips for now! If you have any questions or would like help customizing a particular stock report, let me know in the comments -- happy to help.


Last Updated 4/5/2024

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