How to Get Better Reporting Out of Your Nurtures

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For those lucky customers who have Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA), you may ask, "Where is the Engagement Stream field?" Currently Marketo does not have a field exposed to an Analytics report which can show the number of leads by stream (please don't be confused with the Engagement Stream Performance report which focuses on email performance).

Here's the ask: How can I tell the number of leads in each of streams across all my engagement programs?

There is one key exception in this scenario that may not apply to all customers. That exception is many of our enterprise customers use the same Nurture template across multiple different products. Thus, their streams, cadence, transitions rules, etc are very similar. Therefore a suggested design was for them to change their Channel to be like so:


Now, I know what you may be thinking, "It looks like they are confusing lifecycle reporting with their engagement programs." There is some validity in that but keep in mind most Nurture statuses are not heavily leveraged because they are member and engaged. To add additional statuses is going to give you more granularity in reporting than ever before.

We created smart campaigns which listen for a stream change and update the status accordingly. Here you see the general structure of the idea:


In Marketo, you will need to list each Nurture as a separate trigger since the New Stream constraint will not work across multiple Nurtures:


The key dependency on the flow is referencing the smart campaign(s) which load the leads into the Nurture. Here we update each of the Program Statuses:


And voilà! Now you have visibility to stream membership across all Nurtures in one report. You can also run an even more granular report in RCE (Program Membership).


Again, this may not apply to you or your company; however, the general idea is to show you how statuses can be leveraged in reporting. However, if you have thousands of programs or dozens of Nurtures and looking for one report to rule them all, this may be right up your alley.

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