The next generation of Adobe Dynamic Chat has arrived!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee



Why Chat for B2B?

As you know well, your B2B buyers love to self-serve before engaging with your sales team, which continues to make your website one of the most critical demand-generation tools you have. But even with personalized, dynamic, and compelling content, web visitors can easily lose interest or get distracted and bounce from your site. Even if they stick around long enough to find the content they want or fill out a form, it may be several days before they hear from a sales rep (and even longer to coordinate an actual meeting). This process is riddled with potential drop-off points and doesn’t help sales and marketing capitalize on their website traffic, especially when using separate 3rd party chat tools with slow, disconnected data.

Why Adobe Dynamic Chat?

Adobe Dynamic Chat is an end-to-end conversational marketing solution built-in to Marketo Engage and powered by Adobe Sensei GenAI. It allows marketers and sellers to engage in conversations with customers together as one revenue team using generative AI-powered chat, live chat and conversational forms. Because Dynamic Chat is a natural extension of Marketo Engage, sales and marketing teams can setup, deliver and report on all their conversational marketing programs from the same tool and data that’s powering all other inbound and outbound engagement. The unique combination of industry-leading automation, real-time B2B data and Adobe Sensei GenAI enables B2B brands to scale personalized self-serve experiences for customers, streamline meeting bookings and pipeline for sales and maximize qualification and conversions for marketing.”

Remember, you already have Dynamic Chat today!


Adobe first entered the B2B Conversation Automation market in 2022 with an entry-level version of Dynamic Chat packaged with Adobe Marketo Engage in the Select, Prime, and Ultimate packages. It offers foundational chat capabilities that helps Marketing engage visitors and streamline qualification, while building pipe with Sales as one revenue team. But we wanted to do more because we know how important chat as channel is for B2B brands. We also wanted to make sure we included generative AI into the next generation of Adobe Dynamic Chat. So we did!


What’s New?

We are excited to introduce the all-new Adobe Dynamic Chat with more included features out-of-the-box, AND a new upgrade option called Adobe Dynamic Chat Prime that will include Adobe Sensei GenAI capabilities along with other exciting enterprise-grade enhancements.


Now available at no addition cost:


  • Guided Chats (Dialogues)
  • Calendar Integration and Meeting bookings
  • Document Sharing and tracking.
  • Live Chat Conversations [Trial Usage]
  • Conversational Flows [Trial Usage]
  • Conversational Forms [Trial Usage]
  • Global Reporting Dashboards
    • Global Performance report
    • Meetings Performance report
    • Live Chat performance report
  • Routing rules
    • Assign to agent
    • Round Robin
    • Custom Rule
  • Roles and permissions
  • New triggers, filters and trigger tokens
  • Chat Engagement in MSI
  • Manage Agents and set availability
  • Multi-language support
  • Email domain validations
  • Look & Feel Customizations


Now additionally available inside the all-new Adobe Dynamic Chat Prime Package

  • Live Chat Conversations
  • Conversational Flows
  • Conversational Forms
  • Targeting based on Marketo Engage Smart List
  • Define routing rules
    • Teams & Team routing
    • Account Routing
  • Action Card in Stream designer


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