ZoomInfo Form Complete Integration with Marketo


How to confirm ZoomInfo integration is working with Marketo.



First, follow the installation guide: http://help.zoominfo.com/18441-formcomplete/installation-guide#product-overview

To check if its working:

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.
  2. Navigate to the folder and then click on the Smart Campaign that runs your Form Complete.
  3. From the Smart Campaign, click the top navigation menu item, “Results”.
  4. Find the most recent “Call Webhook” activity type and double click it.
  5. The Activity Details window will pop-up (check your pop-up blocker if it does not).


Inside this window will be what you need to diagnose most problems. The easiest way to know if it worked or did not is that the Response Code should read: 200. This means it was successful in terms of sending and receiving the response in a way that the API accepted it.

Anything other than 200 you should lookup with a Google search and investigate.

  1. Finally, go to the Lead  Database, and in the quick find search for the unique contact record that submitted the form to find the record that went through the Form Complete Webhook.
  2. Double click the right record from the view and that person record will load up.
  3. From the top navigation click, “Info” and scroll down till you see the custom fields you created in Step 1 (above). You should see the fields populated if all of the steps were completed successfully.


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