Will Customized Settings Remain When Doing an Instance Copy?


Will custom settings, such as Launchpoint integrations, API configurations and SFDC sync settings, remain in place when doing an instance copy, or will they be overwritten?




Non-Microsoft Dynamics integrated Instance


All permanent configuration settings which can be done to a Marketo instance are reset to the default values or settings in the destination instance. Everything is copied except for the below list:

  • Lead Database and activity history are not copied
  • CRM configuration is reset on the destination instance.
  • Users are not copied.
  • CRM Field Mappings are removed in the destination instance except for standard mappings, and must be set during the Field Mapping Stage of CRM sync initialization.
  • RCA information is not copied.
  • Program subscriptions are not copied.
  • Campaign History is not Copied.
  • CNAMES for Email links and LPs are not copied.
  • All Account-string based properties are modified accordingly.
  • Munchkin ID of the destination instance is preserved.
  • Sales Insight Admin Configuration is Reset.
  • Outlook licenses are not copied.
  • All pre-existing data on the destination instance will be destroyed.
  • Asset IDs for emails, landing pages, and programs will match
  • Launchpoint and API integrations are not copied


If data may exist on the destination instance prior to the copy process, this may require that you work with your Success Manager to obtain a replacement instance for the copy to be completed.

NOTE* This process is not applicable to customers utilizing the native Microsoft Dynamics integration.