Why Do I See Workspace Partition While Selecting Munchkin?


When you navigate to Admin>Munchkin, you see option to select Workspace. Why is that?

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People generally use workspsce either because of their companies geographical location or Business Unit. In each case, the separation is because the marketing assets are completely different.  With that said, If you're using Workspaces in your Marketo account, you probably also have separate web presences that correspond to your workspaces. In that case, you can use the Munchkin tracking Javascript to assign your anonymous people to the correct workspace and partition. This is used to differentiate appropriate leads within workspace with the help of appropriate tracking.  

If you don't use the special workspace Munchkin code, the people will be assigned to the default partition that was created when your account was set up. It's named "Default" initially, but you might have changed that in your own Marketo account. 

You can only use one Munchkin tracking script for a single partition and workspace on a page. Do not include tracking scripts for multiple partitions/workspaces on your website. I would also like to mention that Landing pages created in Marketo automatically contain tracking code, so you don’t need to put this code on them.