Issue Description
In Notifications, you may encounter a Web Services Error message that contains details as below along with the Error Code and Count (i.e. number of times the error occurred). For example:

The Web Services encountered the following error.

Error Code     Count

609    1

Issue Resolution
More information about the Web Services Error Codes are documented here:

It is recommended to consult with the owner of any custom Admin -> Launchpoint services configured (typically IT, your API developer, or a third party service provider) to review the API calls being made to Marketo.  


The owner of the custom integration should already be logging any error codes requiring review, or ignoring those errors that are temporary and can be automatically retried.


If further assistance is needed, create a support ticket and provide details of the Request and Response of the API call containing the error code. Similar to how the example API Requests and Responses are documented here:


Who This Solution Applies To
Customers using API integrations.


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