Web Page Activities Not Associated to Leads after Clicking Link in Email


Leads were sent the email and clicked on a web page link on the email. However, the web page activities were not associated to these leads.


Issue Resolution
  • Check that the link clicked in the email has tracked link enabled
  • If the web page activities are associated to other records (e.g. duplicates), then:
    • Check who was 'cookied' on the web browser before the visit web page activity was recorded for the other records. This can be checked by looking at the web page activities recorded in the activity log.
    • Check the User Agent details of the Click Link activity of the lead that was sent the email and compare it with the User Agent details of the Web Page Visit activity of the other record. The following tool can be used to help interpret the device details from the User Agent details: https://developers.whatismybrowser.com/useragents/parse/#parse-useragent