Using Your Account Group

Welcome to your Marketo Account Group.  This is a group area that is private to your company.  Only people that your Marketo Support Admin invites to this space can be involved in the conversations you have and the content that you create.

You might be asking yourself how you are going to use this space or how does this space benefit the work that you are going to do?  You can think of this space as our toolkit, meeting room, notebook, communication portal all wrapped up in one convenient location.

Here are a few ideas on how this space can be used.

Communication with your team

Use this area to start your own discussions or use it to ask your own team questions.  If you are working on a project, you can list our tasks, activities, and milestones to be shared and updated with your team.  Work efficiency always involves everybody staying informed and the key to that is a single source or information.

Build your own Marketo Reference Kit

Utilize the wealth of resources that Marketo has by creating your own reference kit of Help Articles, Support Solutions, Videos, and posts that you and your team find useful and will be useful for any new members to are added to your group.

Record your Marketo history

Marketo is a powerful tool  that offers a lot of flexibility and features in building your campaigns and communications, but all the logic and thought behind how your work is structured can be lost if someone else needed to.

Create your own documentation and content

If you have customized solutions or FAQ's that would benefit your team, you can create your own documents that are visible only to this one space.  Use this space as a private repository of knowledge for your team.  If you feel your content can be a benefit to the rest of the community, you are always welcome to share with the rest of the Marketing Nation.

A link to Marketo Support

If you have a problem that requires some assistance from the experts, your authorized support contacts can use the CaseConnector app in this space to submit a ticket to our support team.  The CaseConnector is also used to manage your current cases and view your closed cases also.

A Customer Account Manager channel

Your Marketo Customer Account Manager can use your space to contact you and check in to ensure that your goals are on track with the work that is being done.  Post a discussion and @mention your CAM and they can respond to you and your team.

So there you have it, just a few ideas of how this Account Group can be used.  There are countless other ways to take advantage of this private are and the different actions that you and your team and build on.