Will the munchkin tracking code work on different sites?

For example, my company has 2 domains

  2. is a separate site for our blog. Will the munchkin code work on the 2nd site? I want to incorporate the 2nd site into my lead scoring measures.


Munchkin CAN pass domains, however what it can not do is bring across information. Thus, if you have a domain of A, when a known lead passes out of domain A and into domain B, its activity will be tracked, however, it will be tracked anonymously. In addition, there will be no way to link the activity of a known lead in Domain A to the anonymous lead in Domain B, even though they're the same lead. The next step to tie the activity to one lead would be to do one or more of the following:

  1. Manually merge the separate anonymous leads
  2. Nurture the lead under each domain, send emails with tracked links to each domain, the activity will be tied together under that lead and automatically merged.