Updating Person Source for LinkedIn and Facebook created records


Unable to update Person Source as expected for records created with the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Facebook Lead Ads integrations.


New records created through LinkedIn Lead Gen forms as well as Facebook Lead Ads results in the records not updating the Person Source field as expected. 


Person Source may be set to block updates to the field as noted in the example for Block Updates to a Field - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

To resolve the issue ensure the field is not set to block updates for the desired update method. 

Alternatively the Person Source values populated by the integrations can be kept and expected values can be updated to include these sources. 

Root Cause

The LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Facebook Lead Ads integrations automatically update the Person Source to preset values when a new record is created in Marketo through the integrations.

Blocking field updates to the field may prevent the value from changing to pre-configured values as a value already exist for the integration created records. 


LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
Facebook Lead Ads