Updates to Named Account Membership Not Reflecting in ABM


When you go through the "Add to Named Account" or "Remove from Named Account" flow actions, those changes sometimes aren't immediately reflected in the named accounts' dashboards.




ABM runs a recalculation task every 30 minutes to check for any changes in account scores, membership count, opportunity count, and pipeline for all of your existing Named Accounts.

When you run a flow action to add or remove people from your named accounts, those changes will be reflected immediately in a smart list for "Member of Named Account". However, ABM can take up to 30 minutes to update, until the changes are captured by the next recalculation.

If you are seeing a delay longer than an hour for your dashboards to update, submit a ticket to Marketo Support, and they can force a recalculation and investigate what could be causing the delay.


Who This Solution Applies To
All clients with ABM.