Unsubscribes are no longer or only sometimes attributing to email assets after switching to a custom unsubscribe page, form, one click unsubscribe or not using the Marketo system default Unsubscribe field.


There are a series of steps that must take place for Marketo to attribute unsubscribes to the email asset for reporting purposes.
  1. The record must click a link in the email asset which contains the following querystring parameter on the link. This link may be to a Marketo landing page or a non Marketo landing page, either will work fine. Required parameter: ?mkt_unsubscribe=1&mkt_tok=##MKT_TOK##
  2. The record must submit a Marketo form.
  3. The system default Unsubscribed field must change from false to true via this form submission. (this can be changed back to false after the submission if you do not use this field for unsubscribes)

If these actions do not occur as above, we may not attribute the unsubscribe to the email asset.

Why are some being tracked? Those that are being tracked are almost always because of the record unsubscribing via the email host provided link (ex. GMail hosted emails)

Are records unsubscribed even if it does not attribute to the email? Yes, as long as the field Unsubscribed is true on the record, we will not send the record a non-Operational email.

If you would like a one click unsubscribe solution for your records, this is still possible through the use of the Forms 2.0 API and submitting the form in the background.