Unable to Merge, Rename, Remap, or Hide Fields That Are in Use


Issue Description
A field cannot be hidden, renamed, remapped, or merged into another field while it is being used by any assets in the system - where do you find what is using that field?


Issue Resolution
    1. Go to the Admin section in Marketo
    2. Click on Field Management in the left sidebar
    3. Locate the field through the Search on the right
    4. There is a "Used By" section that shows the forms, smart lists, and smart campaigns, and any other assets using that field
    5. Go to those assets and remove the field name from it.  Sometimes the asset is a Smart Campaign with an unusual name, which may indicate is a background campaign for something like an Engagement Program, Segmentation, or Revenue Cycle Model.  In that case, you will need to go to the program or model using the background campaign and remove references to the field there.


If you are certain that the field you are trying to hide is not being used by any assets, yet it is shown as being used by other assets in Marketo, please raise a support ticket.

Marketo Support can verify if the field still has any references within an asset. If not, Marketo Support can delete the dependency in the database so that the field can be hidden.