Unable to Add Users With Universal ID Enabled


You are unable to add members to a secondary instance using a secondary login.  You receive an error that the email is already in use.





This solution applies in the following scenario:
  • You have two or more Marketo instances.
  • The instances are set up so you are allowed to specify the login email address separate from the email address used to notify/invite the users.  For example, something like this:
  • You have a user in the second instance whose email address exists in the first instance, using a different login but the same email address, like this:

When you try to do invite the user to the second instance using Universal ID, you will get an error stating that the email is already in use. To resolve this, you will need to delete the existing login for the user in the second instance (login2.user@domain.com) and instead invite their primary login (login.user@domain.com) to the instance.


This will allow the user to access both instances from a single login


For more information on Universal ID: Using a Universal ID for Subscription Login - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


Who This Solution Applies To
Subscriptions with Universal ID active