Two Reports on Same Asset Showing Different Results


You have two reports that report on the same asset, but they show different results.


First, check the Setup and Smart Lists for both reports to confirm that they cover the same time frame and group of leads. If the Setup and Smart Lists for the two reports are the same, the data on one of the reports could be from a cached version of the report. Unlike Smart Lists, reports do not re-run every time they are opened, so a report may not be showing the most recent information. Click the refresh button at the bottom of the report to make sure you have the current results.

Reports can be refreshed and reflect the most current data in three ways.

  • If you click on the double arrow button in the lower left hand corner of the report this will refresh the data on the report.
  • If you make a change to the reporting criteria such as reporting data range or by adding a smart list this will refresh the data on the report.
  • A subscription is run - when the subscription runs this will refresh the data.

To ensure that the most current data is showing on the report you can click the refresh button before exporting the data.