Troubleshooting Sync Delay from Microsoft Dynamics CRM


There is a significant delay of several hours or days between when an update is made to a contact record in Dynamics and when the change shows on that record in Marketo.


To determine what may be causing this, follow these steps:

  • Check under Admin > Microsoft Dynamics to make sure your sync is turned on.
  • Take a look at the Admin > Sync Status tab as described here: If there is a backlog of updates or inserts showing here, this is likely what is causing the delay.
  • Check the Sync Errors tab to see if there are any errors indicating issues with your sync.
  • Find an example record that has a sync delay, and locate the GUID of the record in Dynamics.
    • Check the Marketo Log to see if the update to that record was written to it. The logs can be found under Settings > Extensions or under Workplace (this can potentially be customized). Once the logs have been located, you'll want to click on each one individually, and it will show the current view. If not all of the columns are visible, edit the view and include all the column and save/publish that change. Once all of the columns are visible, click on the export option as a static sheet.
    • Once you've exported the Marketo Log, do a search for the GUID in the file.
    • If there is a record of the update on the date-time you made it, that means it was successfully written to the log. In this case, there is likely a backlog of updates to be made, particularly if a large update was made recently, so it may come in later.
    • If there is no record of an update to that record, there is something on the Dynamics side preventing it from being written. You will want to work with Dynamics Support to narrow down the issue in this case.





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