Troubleshooting background image not being rendered on landing page editor

Issue Description
We have a custom landing page template and we were able to see that landing page is not rendering perfectly on the editor but works as expected when published.  How can I troubleshoot on this issue?

Issue Resolution
As you are facing the issue on a custom template, we suggest you to follow the below steps.

    1. Download a template form the URL-
    2. Marketo, navigate to the Design Studio.
    3. Click Landing Pages in the left-hand tree, then select Templates.
    4. In the menu bar, click Import Template.
    5. Choose the downloaded file, enter a template name, then click Import (make sure to pick a descriptive name and indicate that editing mode is Guided).
    6. Create a new Landing page with the recently downloaded template without making any changes.

If the default background image works on this landing page as expected, it confirms that the issue lies with the custom coding that was added to the template. Marketo Support is not set up to assist with troubleshooting custom code. The best point of contact will be your web developer who should be able to resolve the issue for you. Please be aware that the landing page editor may not load all external resources in the editor or previewer, which can cause them to look different than the published version.

If the background image doesn’t render on this newly downloaded template as well, contact support and we will be able to troubleshoot your issue.